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Paraphrased from a conversation with “John”

Can you tell what I’m thinking all the time?
If I’m standing next to you I can read your thoughts like pictures on your forehead. But when I’m busy doing things and I’m not aware of you at that moment, then I don’t receive your thoughts. Thoughts that you put out to me are “collected” and when I’m not busy doing what I’m doing here, then I go to a central place and receive them.

That sounds a lot like getting email. Your messages are stored on a server until you download them into your computer and read them.
Yes, it’s kind of like that. You could think of it like your thoughts being letters and they are waiting for me in my mailbox here. I get everyone’s thoughts and love that way. And then when I have time I take care of them.

How do you communicate there to each other? How do you send messages to each other?
I put out a thought to the person I want to talk to and they get it immediately. Then they send their thought back to me. My father is here with  me but since I arrived I have only seen him in person twice because we’re  in different groups. So we communicate by thought projection.


Here’s an example of how that thought projection works from there to here:

Feeling particularly lonely one night I fell asleep thinking of my friend. It was a starry night and I was living in the RV at the time.  Something woke me gently. It was the sensation of a single tear falling from the corner of my eye, making it’s way slowly down my cheek. I felt his presence in the space. Half asleep I reached up to wipe the tear away, to find my cheek was dry.  As I rolled over I said: OK, John, if that is you – make it happen again.  Another tear. Another dry cheek. I smiled. I wasn’t lonely anymore.


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Paraphrased exerpt from a conversation with John.

What do you do with you time over there?
I belong to two groups. One is a musical group, we study together, we perform together in the Hall of Music.  (the medium describes the sights and sounds of the hall – ” huge hall, marble everywhere, floor, arched rounded ceiling with a dome of diffuse light streaming in, parts of the room seem musty with stacks of rolled manuscripts, lots of intruments, some I’ve never seen before and don’t know what they are, people in all periods of clothing milling around”)

Do you give concerts there? 
No, not really like I did before. We work “together”, we learn from each other. No one is better than, or takes the stage, so to speak. It’s more sharing our ideas together and playing together.

What other group are you in?
It’s called the Earth Administrators group. We are studying thought projection now in an effort to send ideas, solutions, inventions out to anyone on the earth to help in her healing.

Are you sending them out to powerful people here?
Everyone is powerful. We are sending to anyone who is open to hearing.

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