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It’s one of those special nights at the spiritualist church, with trumpet medium David. Ever so often, when the energy is high, voices have been singing loudly and enthusiastically, the room is electric, buzzing with excitement about what might transpire. Of course the trumpet will fly. Of course we will see wisps of energy and twinkling lights in the room. We’ll hear discarnate voices from every angle including the one coming through the trumpet. Someone will have a huge “a ha !” moment when their relative or guide speaks to them. Something always happens unexpectedly and to everyone’s sheer joy and surprise. Sounds like a typical séance. Well…..

There’s always one thing that really just can hardly be described. You have to be there, see it, feel it, be part of it to understand the full magic of it but I”ll try to explain.

The alchemical magic of aports. What is an aport? It is an object that is dematerialized from where it exists, and materialized somewhere else. You KNOW you’re having an exciting time when the aports start appearing during the séance. I have a special box at home where I keep all my aports. There are stones and gems, diamonds and emeralds, beads, and jade spheres, round small marble-like balls, scarabs and porcelain, small trinkets that look Egyptian, Mayan bird totems, silver hands – many many gifts from my guides and friends on the other side.

How do these things arrive? With the help of an alchemy expert on the other side and your own guide, the object – taken from where it currently exists whether that is in the past or present, this planet or another part of the universe – it is dematerialized and reformed inside the trumpet.  Clang clang clang – the object falls through the trumpet, hitting the sides of it on its way into your cupped hand. And OUCH – it is HOT ! It is reforming itself as it appears and arrives into this reality, and the molecular structure is vibrating, spinning, forming – and let me tell you – it is HOT. It cools as it sits in your hand, so you wait. Ever so carefully you inspect its shape with your fingers. What is it? What is the message within it? What meaning does it have for you? Where did it come from?

The first one I ever got from my guide fell into my hand. It was the shape of a triangle, rounded a bit on the one side, completely flat on the other. He said it was the shape of a metronome (I being a musician, understood).  The room was dark so I couldn’t see it, I could only know it by touch. As I felt my way around the sides of it I realized one tip was slightly rounded, rough actually, not the perfect point like the other two. I asked my guide if I’d damaged it by holding it too tight before it was fully formed. He said no. That it was intended to be that way. That it was an example to me about myself. He said he made it so it was NOT perfect, because I needed to let go of trying all the time to be perfect.

Another night months later the séance was particularly fun, highly energized. Plop, zing, ping, thud, – wow – what’s that? People began to laugh, giggle, get excited – the room was being showered by aports – raining down on us from above, hitting our heads, our shirts, our knees, our toes, the rug, the table…….dozens and dozens of aports raining in the room. When the séance was over and the lights came on, we all dove for the rug to find what was gifted to the group.

In another example – my friend Bill who introduced me to this group had loaned me a beautiful green aport that looked like a round marble-like emerald. I carried it with me and meditated with it for several weeks. It had a special energy about it and just by holding it I was able to have impressions and visions that I didn’t have without it. Those of you who have read my earlier blog posts know that I communicate with “John” on the other side. It happened that I lent this aport to John to use from time to time. It became a kind of spiritual link between us. After he passed I went to the church for a trumpet mediumship night. Hilda, the gatekeeper to David, called me into the cabinet that night. So I made my way to the curtain, sat down inside and waited. The trumpet flew from the center of the room, over the curtain and appeared in front of me. Hilda said – did you ever give John a green ball? Yes, I did, I said (knowing that NO ONE knew that but me). Well, Hilda said, he’s here and he wants to give you one back. And it’s white, and it represents his spiritual love for you. Clang clang down the trumpet fell a round ball into my open palm. In the pale porch light after the séance was over I opened my hand to see the white ball.  

I could tell you a dozen more stories of aports I got and what they meant, why they were given. But one that was important to the group in general is very special. There was one night, a most serious and intense healing night. We all felt a great presence in the room. It was unlike most nights. Something very different was happening. A voice spoke through the trumpet. I actually can’t remember what was said now so many years later. I just know it felt powerful, loving, wise. Then softly I heard Bill start to cry, then Leroy the minister started to cry. Others began to get emotional. And then a huge loud THUD on the rug. Then another THUD on the rug. Gosh what was that I wondered. Why are the guys crying? They had much more experience with these kinds of communications from the other side than I had at that time. Soon I was to find out that the Master Jesus had been the voice. And we know that because when the lights came on, the two aports that had made such a thud were actually huge ROCKS. You see, when the Master Jesus comes to speak, he always aports rocks from the Garden of Gethsemane.  Who was I to question. It felt right.

I hope to replace this link with the video itself, but need to upload it to YouTube first. In the meantime, here’s an interesting array of video interviews by a spiritual medium I think you will find interesting.  About Life on the Other Side.


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There’s a type of mediumship that most people are unfamiliar with. It’s called trumpet mediumship. I’ll set the stage for you.

A small light tight room behind the spiritualist church in Phoenix, Arizona. “David”, a trumpet medium, is about to start a séance.  (just for clarity here’s the definition:  meeting in which a spiritualist attempts to communicate with the spirits of the dead.)

There are 15 of us in the room, all sitting on folding chairs around 3 sides of the room. At the front of the room is a “cabinet”. The cabinet is actually a sectioned off area in which there are three chairs. One for the medium, and one for a  helper from the group. Often times it’s either the medium’s friend, or one of the church’s administrators. The third chair is there in case the medium invites each person in one at a time. This cabinet area is surrounded with a thick dark curtain from floor to ceiling.

The room light is dimmed to a small red light. Behind the curtain it is pitch black. In the middle of the room on the floor are several tall aluminum trumpets. A la Ben Hur style. These are collapsible, so they are easy to put in a suitcase and travel with.  Center is one empty chair.

After prayers and lots of spirited singing to raise the vibration, David goes into a trance and through his voice box you will hear his “gatekeeper” – a woman named Hilda greet you. Hilda’s role is to make sure that David’s body is safe and no unsatisfactory spirits/energies use it when he’s in trance. Hilda is humorous, sincere, and knows everyone’s name, in order of seating. This is particularly interesting as David will sometimes take his seat behind the curtain before everyone else is seated.

It it’s a healing session – Dr.  William Lang (a physician from England in the 20th C.) will speak.  One by one we rise from our seats and moved to the center of the circle to talk to Dr. Lang. He checks each person’s physical body and makes comments on what that person is deficient in. One night a woman named Beverly took the center chair. Dr. Lang went on and on about her potassium deficiency and urged her to commit to eating one banana a day. Beverly was NOT fond of bananas but said she would do that. 6 months later when David returned to Phoenix and we had another session, Beverly showed up on the healing night. When she took the center chair Dr. Lang said, “we’ve been watching you as you’ve been shopping and noticed that you bring a measure with you, to make sure you get the smallest banana !!! ”  Beverly streaked ! OMG, they’ve been watching me !!! We all roared. She was BUSTED !!!

For those of you who would like to know more about Dr. William Lang – please enjoy this added information about his healing work through George Chapman who did all the research to verify his true existence as a doctor in England, born  28 December 1852, died 1914.

On séance nights that were dedicated to speaking to guides, loved ones and ascended masters – the trumpet in the room would levitate and move to the person being addressed. The purpose of the trumpet is to amplify the voice of the departed. I know you are all wondering how the heck this thing flies around the room. Let me say to the sceptics right off, that before any session occurred it was practice for any and all sitters to check out the room, top to bottom, and even to frisk David. Nothing entered that room that could have been an aid to any kind of deception. Clean as a whistle !

So how does this thing fly? Simply, and it’s not simple by any means. Much has been written about it, and photography has documented the phenomenon. The mechanism is this. There is a substance called ectoplasm  – ” Spirit energy appearing in the form of a wispy white vapor, fog or mist containing swirls, contrails, or streaks.  Appears to the naked eye or later on developed film.”  The way it was described to me is that ectoplasm extends from the medium and from the sitters forming a voice box with which the spiritual being can manipulate and use to create sound we can hear. While sitting in the séance room it is quite apparent that a wispy white vapor or cloud is moving in front of your eyes. As well as flickering of small lights, almost as if there stars inside the room. 

I have seen this ectoplasm move  and gather in the room in that faint red light that makes it possible to see across the room to the people on the other side.  I have seen the trumpet in the air many times. And heard many entities speak through it. Every one a unique voice. These voices are clearly being amplified by the cone of the trumpet and could not be “thrown” from the person in trance. It is a strange and yet exciting phenomenon to watch and be part of. And the information is also specific to the person being addressed. 

 I’m inserting an image here taken quite a long time ago, when séance photography was very popular.  Most successfully accomplished with infra-red film.  It is my understanding that the ectoplasm can exit the medium’s body from any orifice but commonly comes from the solar plexus as in this image.  In the dim red light of the séance room I have never seen  it this obvious with my own eyes.

This introduction to trumpet mediumship is setting the stage to talk next time on more specifics of what can transpire in this kind of  setting. I will talk about aports and transfiguration in my next blog.

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